Paypal Payment Guide


Login to PayPal and click the 'Send Money' tab, which will bring you to the 'Send Payment' screen. https://www.paypal.com/


1) In the 'To' section, enter 'ps-support@goodsmileracing.com'. Please be sure to confirm that you have entered the address correctly.


2) In the 'Amount' section, enter the grand total of your purchase. You can find the total amount on the mail sent to you during the order process. The subject of the mail would be: "[Cheerful Japan!] Confirmation of your order (Order No.: *********)"

Then select 'JPY-Japanese Yen' from the pulldown menu. We will not accept any other currency.


3) Under the 'Send payment for:' section, please select 'Goods'.


4) Click continue once you have confirmed all the information is correct.


5) On the payment confirmation screen you will see a section on the bottom that reads 'Email to recipient'. In the 'Subject' section please enter your order number followed by your name. (You do not need to enter a message, just the subject).

Example: 5000***** John Smith

We will e-mail you when we have confirmed the transaction. Please allow a few working days for us to confirm any payments.

Note that if you do not place your order number and name in the 'Subject' section we will not be able to link the money to your order - please be sure not to forget it or enter it incorrectly. 


6) Once you have confirmed the following information, click the 'Send Money' button to complete the payment.

  • - Payment To:(ps-support@goodsmileracing.com)
  • - Amount: (Your Order's Grand Total)
  • - Currency: (JPY)
  • - Email to recipient - Subject: (Your order no. and your name)